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Since there isn't going to be any Green Lantern episodes for the next 3 months and the shipping being officially canon, we might as well try to make this Group as active as possible. :giggle:

Also i want to add is that it's finally been decided to add the "Click to Join" option for the Group due gaining more fellow shippers since the Season Finale.

But back to the first matter at hand, let's us start with this.
First up is the simple question that you can leave in the comment section, from your own personal view.

Why do you like Green Lantern: The Animated Series and the Razer/Aya shipping ?

Allow me to start this from my own personal perspective. :)
Despite not being a big fan CGI animation myself, i decided to give the show a shot for one single reason. And that reason was Bruce Timm.

If it wasn't for Bruce Timm we wouldn't have had the famous DC cartoons that we remember today, such as Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond and the Justice League. So i was really interested on how he would produce a series such as this and have decided to give it a shot with the first episode "Beware my Power". After seeing the episode through i was actually quite impressed on how the characters were close with their comic counterparts, especially Hal Jordan, along with the introduction of the new Red Lantern character Razer and the AI Interceptor Aya who i was quite curious of from the very beginning since they had no relation with the Green Lantern comics and were free for new character development. During the course of the second episode "Razer's Edge" was where my interest went into Aya who surprised me by the things she was capable of, by being able to leave the ship and having the ability to infiltrate Razer's mind during his imprisonment in the form of his deceased wife and sad backstory. This is where my "This might actually work" mentality came in play for the both of them, since they were both new introduced characters and it was clear that we have yet to see what Aya was capable of completely. The episode that did it for me and converted me completely into a Razer/Aya shipper was "Heir Apparant" where the both of them seem to get along quite well in both functioning as a team and socially together, plus on how they complimented on eachother ("You also look fine").  Since then i been a Razer/Aya shipper.

Would love to hear your opinions and why you love about the shipping. :)
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VictorHugo Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Totally agree, this unexpected couple totally melted my heart. They´re both quite show stealers, and overshadows Carol and Hal neverending tease.
ArikSama Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
The reason why I like Razer/Aya - it's the way of their ship's developing. As a shipper and romantic type of a person I have my own views about love. And when I see Razer and Aya I understand that all my ever mentioned and favourite desires, feelings and deepest thoughts suddenly became true with those two.

If you read tumblr you know how in our fandom we call Hal and Kilowog. They are Papas~. I liked Aya from the fery beginning - her voice, curiosity and desire to learn. Hal called her Aya, not AI, so that careness from him was touching. So here is for you Papa Hal, eh. With Razer it was a little bit different - I started to like him later, when I saw how he felt guilty. And after what had happened in that prison I believed at Razer and accepted him fully.
So the shipping was born when Aya (without her robot form at that time) was wondering why Razer didn't want to live, she was trying to understand him. Even Hal was the kindest man towards Aya, she wanted to know better Razer at first - no one else didn't interested her that much. I want to call it Love from the first sight, but no, it was not. Still, I believe that Aya sympathized Razer the most and her tries to help Razer to make him suffer less - it makes you to be proud of Aya. That robo girl, AI, just a computer helped Razer to find power and will to live and move on. I also believe that Razer unconsciously feel that.
Even if she is a robot, she is so alive. And so is Razer because of Aya. They both make each other more and more alive and stronger.
I like the plot of their relations growth, I like the way how it was presented in episodes graphically, I like the emotional voltage and etc, etc and again etc.
The balance between action, storytelling and smoothness of the most scenes/moments is magnificent. It's not the show anymore - it's a pure art.
spiritiloveyou Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Student Filmographer
I started supporting them in episode Heir Apparant but i have a question do you think that razer and aya will kiss in season 2. Because if hal and Carol Ferris kiss 3 times in season 1 then i think Aya and razer can right?
ArikSama Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
The chance of is very high. Since 1 season was enough for Razer to start to love Aya, there is a high possibility about kissing. Caz if Aya can cry - now, I suppose, anything is possible.
And what is matter: the creators of GLTAS are in connection with fans and see well what we want and what is the best to make series more interested.
So, again, yes.
dashthehedgehog123 Featured By Owner May 30, 2012
Well when I started supporting them was in the episode when a compliment was given and Razer protecting her. Ever since then I kept watching the show to see what would happen next between them, and I have never been disappointed. Evan in "Razer's Edge" I knew something was between them, like how Aya was kinda worried that he might be tortured and felt bad for his past. "Reckoning" is another favorite cause such character development was in that episode, like Razer had the chance to kill Atrocis but didn't, he listen to Aya. "Lost Planet" It was sweet that Aya went through all that trouble to make Razer feel better, and is was sweet of Razer to lie and say it work to make her happy. "In Love..and War" that is were I really started loving them, and I so called it, like when Aya got her body I turned to my brother and said "she looks like Razer's wife" and look who was right. But the best moment was "Homecoming" were we now now Razer loves Aya.

My thoughts on this couple in season two is that Razer is going to be confuse about his love for Aya. Cause I think Razer feels guility for loving another, especially someone who looks like his wife, I think that Razer's guess on his love for Aya is she reminds him of his wife and thats the reason the portal works, but I hope he sees that he loves her for the person she has grown into.
Grinningsunknown Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the shipping because..Razor is so moody and dark whilst Aya is bright and so innocent..I kind of like the oppisites together of that sense..and when they connect despite diffrence in personality...I love Aya cause she's a robot AI, that doesn't have hair....and is a main valuable character which is hard to find....every female is always with long shiny hair or hair in general..and it annoys me...its diffrent <3 plus she's a lovely bright green and white with lovely blue eyes..I love blue..I am picky with females and when I saw her..I instantly fell in deep love with her..I actually want a poster of her...(not ship form though lol) and her voice is so soft and sweet..and and red is a love combo of colors fo well as his pale face blue eyes..and he too seems bald as well ;D so..its all good for me....he's my fave why not love my fave male and female together? (I also like the couple Kilowag and Galia) XD
DivineROAR Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Professional General Artist
I got hooked on Green Lantern by Eugene Son, who has written so many Ben 10 episodes. He wrote the corner stone episode of Razer's and Aya's relationship, Razer's Edge.
When he told me he wrote it, I decided to give the show a try. I hadn't thought the first two were great but a good start. Once Eugene dove into Razer's back story I got hooked. It sort of reminded me how I partly got hooked on Ben 10. Like Hal Jordan, Ben is the hero but the supporting cast adds life to it.
In Ben 10 that supporting cast included Kevin the once villain becoming a hero. Watching Razer evolve into a better person is much the same way watching Kevin transition in season one and two of Alien Force. And Kevin had a crush on Gwen. It became pretty obvious that Bruce Timm wanted to stick Razer with Aya much the same way Dwayne Mc Duffie wanted to stick Kevin with Gwen. Many fans wanted Gwevin to be a reality before it actually happened.
It's been fun to see something similar happen all over again, become a huge Razaya like I am a Gwevin.
Also many don't know Dwayne Mc Duffie originally got offered Green Lantern. He turned it down to do Ben 10 Ultimate Alien. 
So I also got hooked out of interest on his behalf. I don't know if Razaya would have existed if he had done it, but with the way Dwayne handled Ben 10, I think he would have like Razaya.
DivineROAR Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Professional General Artist
I can never located the click to join button, even though I work in four groups.

I'll discuss why I am a Razaya tomorrow.
CombineParallax Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
I first saw the end of an episode, I believe it was the end of the two-part premier, and at first the animation was off-putting, although I thought Razer looked cool, in spite of not knowing his name at the time. The same thing was true with "Lost Planet." I don't think I really started watching it until later, deciding to give it a shot in spite of the animation bugging me because it reminded me of The Incredibles (not that I'm saying that's a bad movie, I'm not). I liked it enough to buy the season pass on itunes.

I think I started getting interested in Razer and Aya as a couple because of reading the character entries on ( [link] read at your own risk... the site's like a black hole for your free time once you start browsing). I read the entries before I really started watching it, because I wanted to get an idea of what was going on in the show. I watched "Razer's Edge" mainly so I could see Ilana, but I don't remember exactly when I started liking the pair. I know it was well before "Flight Club." I think it was somewhere around my watching "Reckoning" but I'm not sure.

I think they work well together because they can help each other. Razer still has some healing to do from losing Ilana and learning the truth behind her death, and Aya still has things to learn about emotions and to continue to grow as a person in her own right. Maybe Aya will become a true Green Lantern later on in season 2, or at least be officially recognized as one, and she'll be Razer's willpower if/when he becomes a Blue Lantern.

Other reasons I watch the series are because I want to see how/if the writers handle the other Lantern Corps (Sinestro, Orange, Indigo, Black, White), and to see how the story progresses. The show probably has the best plot of a lot of shows I've seen, with the fewest boring fillers (Read: none) and the most believable character growth (Razer for example). Plus, Saint Walker is amazing with his few appearances. I wonder if season 2 will include the other Blue Lanterns and any other famous Green or other-colored Lanterns.
Qaelios Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist

What i really enjoy about the "fillers" in the show is that they actually have values in them as compared to the other shows nowadays, prime example being what happened at the one with Galia and soon her being a character that once again reappears in the following one as a Star Sapphire.
CombineParallax Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
I agree, and that was part of my point. The "fillers" in this series were actually good for something, like you said.

Speaking of Galaea, (I don't know if there's an official spelling for her name... might be) I wonder what part she'll play in season 2. We haven't seen her since "In Love and War."
CrystalBlackHeart Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I've been trying to join for a while but it told me that you were not accepting any members and I was liking Razaya since I first watched the green lantern episode where she got a human body the moment I saw it I knew what it meant. ^_^
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