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Here you will find a list of completed Razer/Aya fanfics that are found outside of Deviantart. :iconstudytimeplz:

"I was dreaming" - The crew is sleeping, and something draws Aya's attention. Razer doesn't appreciates the intrusion, but takes the opportunity to ask her something without the others overhearing.

"Protective" - Post "Reckoning." Aya brings up some questionable moments between them. Razer thinks she's being absurd.

"43:05 hours" - Razer finds himself waking up on the Interceptor. But not in his own quarters... instead, it's Aya's.

"Prevarication" - When questioned, when asked if she remembers, if she recalls what happened as Drusa took over her body, she responds very simply with "No." One-shot. Aya-centric with hints of Razaya.

"Lessons" - Hal Jordon tries to answer a seemingly innocent question from Aya. (Happens after Homecoming)

"When your minds made up" - Aya wants to show Razer around Oa, but it's gonna take some convincing.

"Fatuous Infatuation" - "Even as a story, it's absurd. Fatuous. But as a real life situation, that he himself is experiencing? It's insane." - Homecoming musings of Razer's

"Lanterns on the Beach" - Hal, Kilowog, Aya, and Razer get a vacation after helping take out Atrocitus. After months of hard work in frontier space, it's time the crew had some well deserved fun.

"May Angels Lead You In" - Razer realizes redemption was never far from him.

"The Reason" - He's had many moments of despair, but nothing was better than whenever he had happy moments. Especially when he got to share these with her. (Happens during the event of May Angels Lead You In)

"AI means Artistic Intellectual" - It's been a while since Atrocitus was defeated on Oa. Now everyone has their normal live back. Razer is still stationed on Oa, but the Lanterns still treat him like a criminal. Moreover... the Greens treat their newest associate, the NAV-computer Aya, not like her former crewmembers did. But who will help Razer when there's no one he can call a comrade?

"Alterations" - Aya wants to become "fully functional and anatomically corect", and asks Razer for help with that. Wackiness ensues.
"Strange Friends" by :icongambitgirl1974: - A series of short stories broken into chapters about RazerXAya from Green Lantern: The Animated Series, created with my exceptional writing collaborator Utopiangem. The naive yet brave spaceship and her handsomely snarky companion are just irresistible, don't you think?

"Butterfly wings in my wires" - A short-ish drabble about how Aya and Razer might get together. Razaya, obviously, post-Homecoming.

"Private Emotion" - Prompt: Moment. "He did not ask what it was that needed to be 'ameliorated'. He didn't need to."

"HS AU Worst Day Ever" - Razer is having a typical high school day where there are tests in every period and teachers getting on his last nerve, but when he sees Aya with other guys, can his day get any worse? why are summaries so hard?

"Sacrifice" - Hal damage's The exterior of the Interceptor leaving them to land on a strange planet to repair the ship getting them into more trouble than they bargained for and even more For Razer and Aya.

"The love all Transforms" - After the war, Razer see that he can't live away Aya, But the true love has a surprise for they.

"Out For The Weekend" - HS AU: Aya. Razer. Walker. A glimpse into their everyday life after school ends... With a dash of Razaya

"Experiential Learning" - Aya wanted to experience one new thing every day, whenever possible. Today, it was dancing, and the crew was happy to oblige her.

"Unwell" - Razer takes Aya to the warden's office to get her away from the yellow crystals. They have a very revealing conversation, whether they mean to or not. During Flight Club

"Balance" - Aya studies the new prisoner. Oneshot. Aya/Razer.

"Responsibility" - It is often the things that people forget, that they regret completely once they realize they'd forgotten it in the first place. Razaya-ish one-shot.

"Trouble's Weight In Gold" - There is no growth without birth. Without a foothold in the past, we cannot walk towards the future. Razer works on stepping forward. Post-Homecoming.

"Whispers In The Dark" - Alana is seen outside the interceptor window. If she is real why and how is she there? RAZAYA

"Battle Scars" - Razer loses a battle against an irritable dinosaur and needs medical attention. Fortunately, doctor Aya is in the house.

"Secret Ceremonials" - Razer steps into the portal, knowing it will take him to Aya. He does not know that it will also take him to the farthest reaches of his mind, to the sweetest and most painful memories, and release him back again. Razaya, with Ilana.

"Unspoken Vows" - A union of two, unexpected, heavenly souls on the mother earth and their stay on these russet soils during the five seasons; eternally. Razer x Aya. AU. Tragic Fic. One Shot.

"Unchained Emotions" - A series of unrelated one shots revolving around the different relationship aspects of Razer and Aya. From tragedy to finding solace, from companionship to feeling affection, from love to forgoing separation; you will marvel upon RazAya like you have never experienced before. Razer x Aya. AU. Dark Fic. R & R.

"Turning the Tide" - With Aya controlled by the Red Lanterns, it's up to Razer to attempt to rescue her.

"Private Emotion" - Prompt: Moment. "He did not ask what it was that needed to be 'ameliorated'. He didn't need to."

"Doppelganger" - Post "...In Love and War." Razer and Aya have a serious talk regarding the revealation of Aya's appearance.

"Undisclosed Desires" - Let's imagine Razer's species mating rituals are similar to the Pon Farr. The initiation of a 'mating cycle' throws Razer's life in complet disarray... He will do anything to stop it, but what does Aya think about all of this?

"Different Stars" - The stars are different than he remembers.

"The Soul Worth Saving" - A continuation of the episode "Loss"

"Joyful Noise" - Razer rose to his feet, staring angry daggers at Hal and Kilowog. "You did this!" He snarled accusations. "You abandoned me while I was fighting off all of those man hunters! You made her come after me! YOU MADE HER DIE!" He screamed, baring his incisors. One-shot. A continuation of "Loss".

"Feelings and Facepalms" - Razer is contemplating his feelings for a certain AI when said robot decides to prance in and supercharge those feelings. Some Daddy Hal!

"I Should Have Kissed Her" - Razer has some regrets about the moment he let escape. Occurs post 'Cold Fury'.

"Don't let me go" - "Aya, I'm... touched, but I'd really like to be able to breathe now" "Why is everybody calling me that?" she asked and cupped his face. Razer practically flinched, unused to the android being so familiar. "Razer... it's me. It's Ilana..."

"Not Alone" - Aga'po placed a hand on his shoulder, for balance and for comfort. "No one said that love was easy, and it is not. The Sapphires do not blame you for Aya's actions. As you stated, she is her own being, she has freewill." Razer looked at her. "And if she truly is what you say she is, then the Aya you know and love is still in there." Set after 'Love is a Battlefield' Razaya one-shot

"Child Proof" - Aya's curious, Razer's uncomfortable and the possibility of childproofing the Interceptor in a near future really shouldn't be up for discussion.

"Perfect Life" - Razer and Aya attempt to make a life for themselves after the events with Manhunters.

"Perfect Place" - Razer wants to take Aya to a special place at his home world.


"Tumblr Fanfictions"

"Date" - “Okay, son, there are a few ground rules that you need to know before Aya gets anywhere out of this house.”

"Constellations" - “You know what all these stars are?” asked Razer, looking out into the Milky Way Galaxy, a place as foreign to him as Oan space.

"Heroism" - “Papa Hal says heroes are people who save others from harm. You have saved me, therefore you are my hero. Now, it is my turn to save you from the danger of bacteria and infection.” AU!GLTAS, Razaya, extreme artistic liberties taken"

"Razer and Aya fanfic" - When Razer and Aya heads to the Guardians to give their report of what occured, Razer decides to confront Aya of his recent feelings for her.
(Was unable to figure out the name and summary for this fanfic so i have decided input my own.)


"Livejournal Fanfictions"

"Alterations" - A future "what if" scenario that takes place a few months following "Homecoming." Razer and Aya are growing ever closer, seeking a little intimacy with one another, yet Aya's inability to physically feel like an organic life form remains an issue.


If you know any other Razer/Aya fanfiction outside of DeviantArt please leave a note in the comment section and do discuss on which is your favorite and etc. :)
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phantomsinger Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
"Perfect Life" now has a sequel called "Touch the Sky." [link]
phantomsinger Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
"Undisclosed Desires" is a good one on FF, if you don't mind rated M fics. It's by the same author of "When Your Mind's Made Up" and "Alterations" (the FF one), so if you like those you'll like this. [link]
Dumpling14 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012

Also called alterations, with a slightly similar but more PG premise.
Qaelios Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Done, also added Livejournal as a fanfiction source too now. :)
Gambitgirl1974 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012
please check out my razaya shippy fic Strange Friends. it's also on tumblr under this same username, Gambitgirl1974
Qaelios Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Done, thank you for your contribution. :)
SimplySaturn Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012
here a link to a au razaya fic on tumbler [link] it a really cute fic and wasn't on the list so i decide to comment about it.
Qaelios Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Added the link, many thanks. :)
SimplySaturn Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
your welcome :D
HelloGirly Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012
OH MY GOD. MY FANFICTION'S ON HERE! :iconfinallyplz:
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that's pretty much what I'm doing LOL XD
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