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Something related to Green Lantern TAS to bring up!

Rob Paulsen had Josh Keaton on his Podcast. You don't have to download it. You can find it here.

Hey it's Hal Jordan!


After almost a year off Jason posted Razer doing Shakespeare.

Likely this is the only way we will ever hear him doing Razer in the future.

Just wanted to let everyone know that the galleries have been organized and updated again(despite me not wanting to do it too frequently admittedly, it's the worst thing making them all pretty and in order XD).

Also if there's anything that you would like to mention just for the sake of mentioning considering Green Lantern, feel free to let us all know since me and Roar are always open to new ideas on what to do and such. :)

Lately been debating on adding a series of "Today, on GLTAS History!" blogs where I would post on certain dates in accordance to the episode that was out on said date.
At least to get some more chats here and there and reminiscing about the days that this beloved televised series made us rage...cry...then cry some more...but the good type of cry.

Come on, say something! We won't bite ... much ... JUST PLEASE TELL US SOMETHING!  :iconhachunemikuplz:
Released today on YouTube. On the panel are Giancarlo Volpe and Josh Keaton.…

-Roe :)
With Green Lantern and Young Justice now listed on Netflix, a door has sprung open for both us and the producers, to be able to legitimately bring back this series back with new episodes.

In wake of their cancellations both shows gained an immense increase in fanbase which will probably catch the eyes of Netflix, which actually has the funds to be able to completely revive the series without having to ask for aids from Warner Bros.

To further help make Netflix gain notice on the fanbase and viewers for them to give it a consideration, please check out Green Lantern(and Young Justice) on their list. :)

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Welcome to the Razaya(Razer & Aya) shipping fan club!

----------Galleries | Comics | FanFictions | AMV Videos-----
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-------Razer Gallery | Aya Gallery | Razer/Aya Gallery-------

This is a club dedicated to the shipping of Razer and Aya from the Green Lantern: the Animated Series show.
So get involved and make this club even bigger!:iconhaljordanplz:


Club Rules: :iconcuriosityplz:

1.) Be considerate of other club members. Any complaints about the club or its members should have good basis and be noted to the club.
2.) Submissions must be Razer/Aya, or at the very least, have something to do with Razer and Aya.
3.) Limit use of expletives, as there are younger eyes here.
4.) Screencaps are not allowed. (exceptions may apply)
5.) Any attempt at flaming other clubs will result in being banned from the group if caught.
6.) Report any issues on the Group or it's members to the admins.

To Submit an Artwork/FanFic:

Rather than linking it somewhere on the main club page or a journal, post your artwork directly to the club.
If there is a fanfic that you wish to add to the Non-DA FanFiction list, please leave a comment with a link on the page..

How can I spread Razaya(Razer/Aya) around? :iconhappyhappyplz:

A) Tell others about both the Tumblr Club and this Group, along with the ship.
B) Add the club's icon in your journal or signature(if possible)
C) Contribute Razer/Aya fanart and/or fanfictions, nothing shows dedication than arts of your favorite shipping. :D
D) Be active on Tumblr for the ship, when ether it be posting arts or commenting, whatever you do helps the cause.


Group Info

A club dedicated to the shipping of Razer and Aya, two characters from the animated series Green Lantern: the Animated Series!

We accept any form of artwork, fanfiction and comics that involve the characters or at least a portion of the series, just please no screenshots and such!
Founded 3 Years ago
Apr 10, 2012


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If was responsible for any of it, I'm sorry. I was just so happy  and optimistic from the news that Stuart Snyder was leaving.

And I don't know why :iconroar7: Blocked me, but I want her to know I'm sorry for causing any harm.
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Unless it's something with a legitimate resource to pull through with a backup crowd, I am removing all one-man campaign comments from this group until further notice.

The spams have reached a great degree now, and I am putting a line now.
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here's apparently why the show was canceled…

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Okay, sorry. There's just so much I want to see. Sayd eloping with Ganthet. Sinestro being exposed as the scumbag that he is. Aya being reborn through the Life Entity. But most of all, the Blackest Night.
Qaelios Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Not quite a quitter, more like I don't want this group to be full of "Sign this petition!" spams spreading across every art and affiliated groups, which happened several times if I may add during the initial cancellation of the show.

It's better to try alternative means to find methods to bring the series back, but in my honest opinion a petition online is NOT one of them.
Qaelios Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I personally would rather not, as much as I would love to see GLTAS a petition tends to result in spams and can have the tendency to do more harm than good.
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I know.
DivineROAR Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Professional General Artist
That's unfair. Beware the Batman was in production BEFORE GTLAS got canceled. It wasn't intended to replace it. Warner Bros simply refused to renew it. I've been tweeting with director Sam Liu. He misses GLTAS too but this show overlapped his direction of GLTAS. He said as much. He was working on both shows at THE SAME TIME. To blame BTB is wrong.
Spyruto99 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013
My family and I use to watch GLAS together. And they refuse to watch the Batman series because they feel it replaced GLAS
DivineROAR Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Professional General Artist
I actually liked it. My favorite voice director Andrea Romano is involved in this series. She's been involved in almost every show I've been a fan of.
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